Workout Log

I’m currently in training for my first half marathon, the Missoula Marathon & Half-Marathon in Missoula, MT on July 10, 2011.

Below you’ll find my weekly workouts:

May 15-21

Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: 3 miles @ 11:32+.25 miles @ 20:00
Tuesday: Tried out new spin bike; at-home arm strength routine
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: 4 miles, inc Warm; 2x1600m @ 9:30 with 800m @ 12:00 ; Cool
Friday: Rest Day, 30 modified pushups

May 8-14

Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: 2 miles @ 11:40
Tuesday: 5 miles with Warm/Cool; 3 miles @ 10:00, 2 miles @ 12:00
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: 1 mile @ 9:30
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 8 miles @average 12:30 including warm-up/cool-down

April 24-30

Sunday: Rest Day/Happy Easter!  Designed new training plan (slower pace w/out walking breaks)
Monday: 3 miles @ 12:00 pace
Tuesday: Rest Day
Wednesday: 5 mile tempo run (2 miles @12:00, 3 miles @10:00)

April 17-23, 2011

Sunday: Walked 18 holes, spectator at tournament (approx. 6 miles)
Completely failed to record work-outs:
somewhere in there were two short runs and an easy elliptical day

April 10-16, 2011

Sunday: Rest/Sick Day (finished course of antibiotics, feeling much better)
3 miles at 10:45 pace
4.5 miles walk/run 45 minutes total
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: Ran 4 miles, 10:30 pace
Ran 3 miles, 10:15 pace; walked 9 holes (golf)
Walked 18 holes (golf)

 April 3-April 9, 2011

 Sunday:  Rest Day
Monday:  Incomplete Hill Training run, finished 3 miles/30 minutes with varied inclines (first day of the flu)
Tuesday: Rest/Sick Day
Wednesday: Rest/Sick Day
Thursday: Rest/Sick Day
Friday: Rest/Sick Day
Saturday: Rest/Sick Day

March 27-April 2, 2011

 Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: 3 10-minutes miles, 3 walking miles (all 6 trail-run); one newbie-fied version of this cardio yoga routine
Tuesday: 20 minutes elliptical; one newbie-fied version of this cardio yoga routine
Wednesday:  Ran approx. 1.3 miles in parking lot at hotel @6am (love broken treadmills in the fitness center); spent day walking and standing at Disneyland
Thursday: Rest Day/Walked all day at Disneyland
Friday: approx. 3 miles, 1.5 walking with MamaDi, 1.5 at 11-minute mile pace;  I roughly took this route twice
Saturday: Speed 1 on treadmill 

March 20-March 26, 2011

 Sunday: Rest day, took a 30-minute walk with MamaDi after church
Monday: Cross training, 45 minutes elliptical; 15 minute walk with MamaDi
Tuesday: Speed 2
Wednesday: Strength training, 65 minutes yoga DVD (so hard!  Such a yoga-newb)
Thursday: 30 minute walk/run, estimated about 2.8 miles
Friday: 20 minutes EASY elliptical (supposed to rest today), took 45-minute walk with MamaDi and Sister’s Fiance
Saturday:1.5 miles=1 mile at 6.5mph, .5 warm-up incline; .75 mile outdoor loop with MamaDi


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