Who’s Who

My lovely and hardworking mother, Dianna.  She’s currently recovering from surgery on her hand (boo 😦 ) and is peeved she can’t golf.  Sorry MamaDi!

MamaDi and Papo, best parents ever!

Will probably not show up on the blog much, but he’s the best dad ever.  He works hard and plays hard, and he’s been maintaining a single digit handicap for almost a decade.

My 13-months-older sister, Teddi, one of the funnest people I know.  She’s recently engaged and is the inspiration for my first half marathon!  (It’s going to be in Montana where she lives the week before her wedding).
     The Fiancé:  Teddi’s soon-to-be-husband, John, an all around sportsman and Montana native

BigSis (Teddi) and The Fiancé (John)

My two-years-younger sister, Shawn.  She’s an education student, former cheerleader (read: will always be way more buff than me), and honestly the nicest girl you’ll ever meet.  Some people say we look alike, but I just don’t see it 😉

LilSis (Shawn) and BigSis (Teddi) are SO ready for Easter


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