Hitting my Stride

Today was my first day running since the Monday before Disneyland.  On my workout log I ran twice in that time: both runs were likely less than two miles and I couldn’t track time or distance accurately.  But today was different.  Today my hotel had a functioning treadmill—it was going down 😉

Overdue for a speed workout, I slipped into my running skirt and sneakers at six.  After a sprint down a few flights of stairs I was in the fitness center and ready to run.  I started by walking a mile on 6% incline; as I walked I could feel the stiffness from a day in the car melting away.  After the first mile I lowered the incline and hit an easy running pace (that’s usually 6-6.5mph) for a half mile.  I was barely sweating afterwards.  My body is finally getting used to this abusive “exercise” thing.  When it was time for the second half mile of running (my speed routine includes half a mile of walking between two half miles of running) I cranked the treadmill to 7mph.  Two weeks ago I was panting at that speed, but now I was itching to speed up.  I took the last quarter mile at 7.5 miles per hour!

I was in shock as I walked a cool-down half mile.  That was really running and for the first time it didn’t feel hard.  Yes, I was still exerting myself.  Yes, I was still sweating.  Yes, I still felt that twinge in my side that at any moment could turn into a stitch.  But none of that made me want to stop.

This feels like a turning point in my relationship with running.  In the past I ran because I dreamed of being a runner someday.  Today I feel like I already am.

In less philosophical news, I’m furious with my camera.  It’s been cooperative for several years of abuse.  I think it’s finally going through teenage rebellion because it deleted all of the pictures I took today.  Luckily I have been loading pictures onto my laptop each night so I still have my Disneyland photos.

LilSis isn’t feeling well, so I’m making her tea before we go to bed.  Sweet dreams, all 🙂

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