The First Trail Run of 2011

Today was a good day, despite the late start. Last night was not an easy night’s sleep, so when I finally fell I was out till 10:30am! I powered up with a delicious red pepper-egg on a whole wheat English muffin and hit the treadmill. Little did I know MamaDi was going to show up with an even better option 😉

BigSis’s Fiancé is a Montana boy and really enjoys hiking, so MamaDi asked if I wanted to do a little trail running. Who am I to say no to weather finally nice enough for that? We geared up, piled in the car, and drove out to Prescott to make use of the Peavine Trail. Prescott sits right around a mile above sea level, which is what I was accustomed to growing up (I lived in both Washington State and Idaho as a preteen/teen).

You wish you were running here 😉

The Peavine Trail is absolutely gorgeous, located in The Dells: a series of rock formations with lakes/streams and old train routes that have been converted into recreational trails. Perfect for a scenic trail run!

The Dells, MamaDi, and the Fiancé

I set off at about a 10-minute mile pace (can’t be positive, because I don’t have a Garmin—but I was wearing my watch) until I hit the second mile marker and turned around to meet up with Fiancé and MamaDi. I rejoined them at the one mile marker, and we walked to the second mile marker before heading back to the trailhead. Basically, I ran three miles and then walked another three with MamaDi and Fiancé.

We took time out, of course, to take some ridiculous pictures.

I swear this is the least awkward picture of me and BigSis's Fiancé; and yes, he is a giant.

MamaDi is infamous for giving bad posing instructions. Okay, link your arms like you’re about to skip and then jump! Every year, the taking of the annual Christmas picture turns into an hours-long nightmare where someone always cries or stomps off. There’s nothing like family, is there?  BTW, does anyone else think it looks like I lost a finger in this picture?  Other than that, excuse the general sweaty, makeupless, scrub-look I’m rocking here.  Nobody’s perfect on the first trail run of the year.

On the menu for tonight: Red Robin for dinner (LilSis’s turn to pick) followed by a Redbox movie (LilSis picked Despicable Me) and posting tonight’s blog.

Tomorrow, we head to Anaheim. I haven’t been this excited for Disneyland since the first time I went!

I’ll try not to get too excited; I’d like to sleep tonight 😉

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