Shopping, A Survey, Baseball, and a Big Fat Surprise

Well, Blogland, it’s been a pretty hectic day.  There was shopping (day 2 in a row of my least favorite activity), spending time with LilSis (her flight into Phoenix was two hours late last night), meeting up with LilSis’s school friends, and a spring training baseball game (just me, Papo, and the Fiancé like baseball so more shopping was had by LilSis and MamaDi).  I was dying without a camera to show you all everything, but I have an exciting secret to ease the guilt of no pictures today:

On Tuesday you guys are coming with me to Disneyland! 🙂

Okay, you’re not really coming (that would be a bit awkward—we’ve just met, after all).  But my camera will be surgically attached to my hand and you’ll get to see the whole adventure.  This will be my first trip to Disneyland since 2007 and I’m really excited to experience the place as “an adult.”  That statement really does require quotation marks.

So no photos, but I saw a fun a-z blog survey going around and took the time to fill it out after the game.  For your reading pleasure:

A. Age: 21, I’ll be 22 in July 2011

B. Bed size: Queen

C. Chore you dislike: Scrubbing the tub/shower!  It’s probably the most physically uncomfortable of the chores I do on a regular basis.

D. Dogs:  None, but I like to walk BigSis’s black lab when I visit her in Montana.

E. Essential start to your day: Something with peanut butter—usually a whole wheat english muffin.  Yummy!

F. Favorite color: Green closely followed by blue.  But my favorite color to wear is gray.

G. Gold or silver: Silver.  I look weirdly jaundiced if I wear gold.

H. Height: 5’4”.  I’m actually in between 5’4” and 5’5”, but I usually just say 5’4”.  Because saying this takes too long.

I. Instruments you play(ed): I still play the piano (took lessons for about twelve years) and previously played the cello (sold it in high school and never looked back).

J. Job title: Student/Blogger/YouTuber

K. Kids: No thanks! 😉

L. Live: Near Phoenix

M. Mom’s name: MamaDi, Dianna Lynn, Di, Disey (like daisy)

N. Nicknames: Lee, Kellshell (my middle name is Michelle), Kell, Mickey, Klowb (BigSis couldn’t say my name when I was born so Klowb came into being), KlowbShowb

O. Overnight hospital stays: 12 (I used to be a sickly creature!)

P. Pet peeves: Nail-biting, walking slowly in front of people on impassably small paths while smoking (specific to my old school), adults who bring their undisciplined children to upscale/quiet venues and let them act poorly

Q. Quote from a movie:  Adventure is out there! -Up

R. Righty or lefty: Righty.

S. Siblings: BigSis (Teddi) and LilSis (Shawn)

T. Time you wake up: Depending on the day between 5-10:30 am.

U. Underwear: uh…yes?

V. Vegetables you don’t like: Can I count fungus as a veggie?  I hate mushrooms.

W. What makes you run late: Playing too long with my ridiculous makeup collection.  I used to do some freelance artistry and now I just have a tone of makeup!

X. X-rays you’ve had: lungs a few times

Y. Yummy food you make: pancakes, stir-fry, grilled corn, cookies, roasted veggies…

Z. Zoo animal favorites: pandas!  Seriously, you have no soul if you don’t love pandas 😉

Alright, kids, I’ll see you back home tomorrow 😉

Time for some link-love:

The Possible Dangers of “Healthy Fat” Acceptance
Five Easy Veggie Frittatas
Beckman Institute Study on How Sports May Positively Focus the Brain


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4 responses to “Shopping, A Survey, Baseball, and a Big Fat Surprise

  • Cait

    i love this post! Have a great time in DISNEYLAND! it’s so much fun there 🙂 i’m glad i came across your blog! hope you have a great sunday!

  • Adrianne

    Hi Kelli!

    Thanks for your input into wedding attire over @ Peanut Butter Fingers. For some reason its not letting me reply back to you on her blog. :/

    The wedding invite does not list a dress code so I’m thinking of wearing a dress with tights, flats (not a fan of heels!) and a light (very thin) cardigan.

    Have a spectacular time at Disneyland! I’ve always wanted to go… Do you call your grandfather Papo? I used to call my grandfather that when he was alive. 🙂

    • Kelli@Baker on the Run

      That sounds like a really nice outfit! Tights can definitely get a little warm, so you might think about knee-highs if they’ll work with your dress 😉
      It’s a lot of fun–someday you’ll have to make the trip. I actually call my dad Papo or Papa. My grandfathers are both just Grandpa.
      Good to hear from you, Adrianne!

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