TMI-Time: Going Veggie=Gas? +A Quick Lunch Recap

So today’s post is about to get real.  Maybe a little too real for those of you who are squeamish.  Feel free to skip down to the first picture in the post if you’re not into discussing the effects of food on your digestive system or at least with any levity…Okay, I think we lost the wimps.  Let’s get down to brass tax.

The last time I ate meat (when I talk about meatless, I’m still eating seafood once or twice a week—mostly so I can still eat out with my family of carnivores) was February 7th of this year.  Admittedly that’s not very long ago, but for someone who just a year ago ate meat at least twice a day it’s a radical change.  I’d begun phasing meat out of my diet a few months ago.  I knew going cold turkey wouldn’t work for me; my food choices have been ingrained in my psyche for too many years for that to be a viable option.  I still crave the occasional corndog or steak, but the promise of my HHDs have kept those cravings in check.

I am an admitted girly-girl when it comes to manners.  Years after that dreaded etiquette class, I can still curtsy, dine, and chat with begrudging refinement.  One of the biggest social stigmas for me has always been the passing of gas in public.  Supposedly this happens to everyone, but I have never had any issues with flatulence.  I’ve long held the position that I can wait to pass gas until I can excuse myself to the bathroom.  A little ridiculous?  Maybe.  But it’s just one of those lines I drew a long time ago that I’ve never been willing to cross.

And then came the fiber.

Oh, I had a decent amount of the green stuff in my diet before going mostly meatless (that’s as close as I’ll come to defining my diet—it’s not something I stress over and I could care less about labels).  But anyone who’s gone relatively veggie can tell you that you’re going to be digesting more products that are likely to give you gas (think many varieties of vegetables, beans, dairy, soy, even my beloved whole wheat!).

And I swear that’s not the end of the world.

Occasionally you might have to fart in the presence of others (I nearly fainted with embarrassment the first time this happened, even though the person was my mother), but oddly enough most people will ignore it!  The gas caused by food is often close to odorless.  This means you might be embarrassed, but not uncomfortable. 

By monitoring what you eat and observing how your body reacts (something I’ve been really striving towards) you can pinpoint the foods causing gas and spread them out in your diet or eliminate them altogether.

If all else fails, you can enjoy the childish humor I found on this website:  Yeah.  It’s real.



Delish! One hot Chik Patty and a pile of raw broccoli–what else could a girl want?


Midday hunger hit me hard and fast, so a quick fix was in order.  I stuck a Morningstar Farms Italian Herb Chik Patty in the oven (I always use a pizza pan to cook patties/nuggets because it helps to give you a better crunch) and started chopping up some broccoli.

Yes, that is a TON of broccoli.  It’s always been one of my favorite foods and I prefer it raw with a little dressing for dipping.  Today’s dip of choice was Kraft Light Asian Toasted Sesame Dressing.  Despite a slightly scary list of ingredients it’s got such great flavor and I haven’t been able to recreate the tangy taste on my own.  Sometimes a little corn syrup is worth it.


Toppings and Dippers of the Day


I topped my Chik Patty with some cold leftover Classico Tomato and Basil sauce from Sunday night’s pizza.  Something about the cool sauce and the hot, crunchy patty is really satisfying.  Mixing up temperatures and textures is a great way to add variety to any meal without overdoing it.

Twenty minutes post-Patty I was still feeling hungry so I snagged a banana and headed out to the porch. 

In honor of his 80th birthday today, William Shatner's old-man hand dropped by!

I cozied up in a blanket and read a few chapters of Pastime by Robert B. Parker.  My dad owns all of the Spenser novels and I’ve been slowly working my way through the series.  Anyone else a mystery fan?  I never read them until the last year or two, but I’ve gotten wrapped up in a few good series recently.

Now it’s time for a little amateur at-home Namaste Yoga from the DVR.  Wish me luck!

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2 responses to “TMI-Time: Going Veggie=Gas? +A Quick Lunch Recap

  • hellomily

    Hey! Thanks for finding my blog, and welcome to your own blog! I totally know what you mean with your bodily changes since going veg. I have been a pescetarian for over 3 years, and the increase in fiber affects me that way too (so embarassing!).

    Are you training for a long run in particular, or increasing the mileage “just because?”

    • Kelli@Baker on the Run

      Thanks so much, I’m looking forward to keeping it up (good motivation to stay on track with training). Haha, yeah, the fiberlicious-lifestyle has taken some getting used to.

      I’m training for my first half marathon in July! Kind of intimidating, but I’m really excited. My sister lives in Montana, so I’m running there in honor of her wedding the following week 🙂

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