First Post–Welcome to Baker on the Run!

I’m Kelli, a 21-year-old student living in Arizona who’s rising to meet life’s challenges one meal and mile at a time.  To learn more about me and what I’ll be blogging about, check out the About Me page by clicking on the link in the sidebar or the link here:

A hearty and hardy welcome to Baker on the Run!  So who and what is Baker on the Run?

The What (noun) [bey-ker awn unstressed before a consonant thuh ruhn]:

a person learning to balance healthy eating, active living, and a hectic schedule.  They are often harried, but rarely unhappy.

The Who (proper noun) [kell-ee]

a young women known for her off-kilter cookery (baking is science for hungry people), attempts at athleticism (varsity golf totally counts as a sport), and ability to cram too many activities into an unreasonably small period of time (i.e. penchant for running around like a chicken with her head cut off because she’s wildly overextended herself)


a self-professed nerd (lover of both science and classic fictions) and displaced Boise State football fan/Idahoan (yes, Idahoan is actually a word, I was shocked as well) living in Arizona with a lust for life and no idea where the blasted thing is headed.

Go Big Blue! Told you I was a Boise State fan 😉

Who am I?  Just a kid trying to get it right.  I take things day by day.  Stay tuned.


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